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3 Business Basics to remember in 2024

The digital world is obsessed with trends. Trending videos, sounds, images, backgrounds — you name it. Trends change overnight and without notice; act quickly or you'll be left in the dust by the algorithm.


As much as capitalizing on a successful trend can lift your business, many businesses would benefit from shifting their attention from Hail Marys to the basics of business building. These are principles that no matter the social media platform, algorithm or brand, don't go out of style. They were here yesterday, and they'll be even more valuable tomorrow.


Let's dive into a few of the basics that will benefit every Business in 2024.


1. Responsiveness

We all have that friend who leaves us on "read" for days at a time. We may act like it doesn't hurt our feelings or impact our relationship, but it does.


It's no different in business. Responsiveness to your customers shows respect and prioritization to them. By responding quickly to their needs, you let them know that they will be taken care of and that their problem is your problem. This will naturally benefit retention.


2. Be a person (Add back Humanity to your Business)

Hard to believe this qualifies as advice in 2024, but with everything digital, automated and AI-powered, you'll find customers are, more often than not, sick of talking to a robot — or even worse, a customer service rep with the personality of one.

Everybody on the team (from top to bottom) should be reminded that, as much as professionalism matters, so does coming across as a real person who wants to help people. Measure the success of your customer service interactions with a survey to understand how one method of engagement might be better than another.


Of course, this recommendation does come with caveats. Being personable doesn't cover unprofessional, inappropriate or unhelpful support.


3. Follow up

We are always looking for the next best thing. And with that comes forgetting about leads or prospects that fell through the cracks. If you're not systematically following up with prospects, you're losing business.


"People are doing more research than ever and earlier than ever, meaning they might not be ready to move forward when they initially reach out.

Trust is developed over time — one reason why following up weeks or months down the road can be such a high-value investment. It shows prospects you are diligent and process-oriented. Bonus points if you can personalize your outreach as much as possible so they know you care and remember their specific circumstance.


These basic tips sometimes get lost in the sea of busyness in Business. It’s time to go back to basics! Do the basics at a high level for long enough, and you'll see the results compound through higher retention, better conversion rates, more word of mouth and a stronger business foundation.


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Althea Walters is a Corporate Trainer, Leadership and Productivity Coach and Business Consultant at BLAZING BEYOND.

I hope you found this Article helpful. To work with me, you can contact Althea Walters at Email: or Schedule a Complimentary Call HERE



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