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BLAZING BEYOND is a full suite TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, COACHING AND CONSULTANCY BUSINESS that work with Leaders and their teams in building a High Performing Environment so that you can EXECUTE WITH EXCELLENCE to achieve your desired result!


We specialize in Training, Coaching Programmes and Projects that increases Productivity, Performance, Leadership, Goal Success and Business Results. 


Our Programmes are administered through both Onsite and Online Training, Workshops and Coaching Programmes for Leaders, Business Owners and individuals.

Our Business Consultancy specializes in HR & Operations Management Services. In a more detailed view this encompasses areas such as: HR and People Strategies, Strategic Planning and Facilitation, Change Management, Business Organization & Structuring, Efficiency of Operations, Improving Productivity and Performance.


Our Guiding Statement is:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

You will be able to locate Training opportunities, Leadership and Business Programmes, resources via our Blog page and Youtube Channel,  to assist with your personal productivity, professional advancement and to improve your Business results.

Welcome home!

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Althea Walters
Master Trainer, Coach & Business Consultant


Hello! I am Althea, Lead Trainer, Productivity and Business Coach at BLAZING BEYOND. I am glad you were able to connect with me. I foresee a great future ahead. WELCOME!


My Professional journey in both the Private Sector in Jamaica and Non-Governmental Bodies (NGOs), have assisted me in developing a respect and deep passion for understanding and working in partnership with individuals, teams, companies and communities to reach to their desired outcomes.

I believe that at the core of good performance and extraordinary results is equipping individuals with the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS, Mastering SELF DISCIPLINE and the ability to EXECUTE.

I look forward to serving you and your teams to achieve your Productivity, Performance, Leadership and Business Goals.


Althea Walters is a Trainer, Business Coach, Author and Speaker who holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Development. Her Business BLAZING BEYOND specializes in Training, Coaching and providing Business Consultancy Services in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

With over 15 years of Management, Operational Execution, People Development and Strategic Management Experience working with C-Suite Executives, Mrs. Walters has been able to understand and apply the key ingredients that holds the key to effective Execution and Effective Leadership.  Her Professional journey was formed with the JMMB Group Ltd working directly with the Group CEO and his C-Suite Executives. Althea is trained in Change Leadership, Human Resources and People Development, Event Planning and she is a Certified Change Process Practitioner.

Althea Walters is also the creator of MY GOAL TRACKER, a Goal Planning Workbook that guides persons to take bold and consistent actions in achieving their personal life goals. She volunteers with the Girl Guides Association of Jamaica as International & Programmes Commissioner - developing fun-filled and educational programmes for the young girls and exposing them to International Travel Experiences. Althea loves to dance and will close the dance floor for any event and loves to relax at the beach or poolside.

Her Guiding Statement is “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


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Antoinette Brown
Training Assistant

Hi! I am Antoinette. A creative soul by nature and someone who gets her energy from seeing an idea turn into action and eventually blossoming into a well nurtured successful plan. 


I am Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for Un-Barred Bar Services JA and Founder for Glossy Glowed JA. These two businesses which I lead energizes my soul.  I am fully focused and committed to their success, which becomes easier with the contribution of my Business Partners. To make them a success, FOCUS & EXECUTION is Key!

As Training Assistant with BLAZING BEYOND, I commit to excellence in serving you as you journey with us in realizing your true Productivity and Performance goals. 

I am committed to seeing you or your business move to the next level with the right support from someone who is also passionate about seeing you achieve success.

Email us at to find out how we can help you or book a consultation on our website at

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