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  • What Services do you offer to Businesses?
    BLAZING BEYOND serves Businesses in the following ways: Business Coaching for Leaders and their teams Improving Operational Efficiency and Organization (Organizing of Processes, Reporting and Structures etc) Improving Time Management and Productivity Strategic Planning Strategic Consultation Training and Workshop for staff HR Consultancy Services Customized requests are also available Contact us at Email: althea@blazingbeyond or Book a meeting at the Calendar Link below:
  • What type of Trainings or Workshops do you offer?
    At BLAZING BEYOND our Trainings or Workshops include the following and specialize in the area of Productivity, Performance and Leadership Training and Coaching: 1. Time Management & Productivity Training 2. Performance Management for Supervisors and Managers 3. Leadership Development 4. Training for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants in Jamaica & the Caribbean (Both Workshops and Online) 5. Change Management Workshops in Jamaica and the Caribbean 6. Communication Skills 7. Team Building Workshops 8. Goal Setting Workshops in Jamaica and the Caribbean 9. 1-1 Coaching Programmes - Professional Development 10. Business Coaching 11. Customized Trainings are available You can join a scheduled training or request a customized training for your group or organization. View Upcoming Workshops HERE: You can email us at to request further information OR BOOK a 30mins meeting at our Calendar LINK below to finalize your requests:
  • How do I book a Training/Workshop with Blazing Beyond?
    Making bookings with BLAZING BEYOND is easy! Email us at to make a request for a Workshop or Training date and obtain your Registration form, OR Book a Training from our Website at the LINK BELOW:
  • How do I complete payment for Business Services, Trainings, Coaching or Workshops?"
    Once you have confirmed our Proposal/Estimate, you will receive an Invoice/email will all details regarding payment information and options. Payment options can be completed as follows: 1) Electronic Bank Transfers (provided on your Invoices) 2) Cheque 3) Online PAYPAL Payments Email us at: or to find out more!
  • Is there a Registration Form to complete for Trainings or Coaching?
    Yes! Once you have indicated your interest in training or workshops, a registration form is sent to the email address you have provided. The form is available in both online or hard copy. You can access our Online Forms for each Training or Coaching Programme via our website under the tab "Workshops."
  • Are Payments Refundable?
    Training, Consultancy or Coaching Payment fees are non-refundable. However payment is only transferable ONCE, providing that BLAZING BEYOND received a 24 hour notice on request to reschedule the participants training to the next scheduled date. Where there is no 24 hour notice of request to reschedule to the next date and there is a "no show" of participant, the Training Fee is non-refundable. Please get in touch with Blazing Beyond at least 24 hour before the Training to redeem your ONE TIME Transfer Payment option. Email us at
  • Where are Trainings or Workshops held?
    Trainings or Workshops are held both ONLINE and ONSITE. For ONSITE Trainings, please note that there is not a standard training location. We offer our trainings and workshops at venues available to us of which Registrants will receive an email with confirmed venue. Onsite Trainings can be held at your venue or the venue announced by BLAZING BEYOND. ONLINE Trainings are faciliated via the ZOOM Technology Platform. Feel free to contact us at for more information
  • Do You also offer Trainings ONLINE?
    Yes! BLAZING BEYOND TRAINING offers both onsite Training and Workshops as well as ONLINE Trainings. Organizations and Booking Manager can advise which Training Method they would like for their teams. However, there are some standard Trainings that are offered ONLINE.
  • Do You Offer Coaching Programmes?
    Yes, We offer Coaching Programmes for Leaders, Teams and Business Owners focusing on: 1. Improving Productivity and Performance 2. Organizing and Managing Business Operations and Workflows 3. Building Leadership Skills 4. Improving Communication and Collaboration 5. Career Development 6. Administrative Excellence 7. Managing Change 8. Working Collaboratively 9. Business Management and Streamlining Operations Explore our Coaching Packages at our COACHING or SERVICES Section of our Website for more details. Coaching Calls are offered for a minimum of 4 weeks Package and done weekly (4 calls weekly minimum)
  • How are Coaching Programs/Calls administered?
    Our Coaching Calls are administered at the standard scheduled date and time (weekly) agreed between Blazing Beyond and the Client. Coaching Calls are done using the 'zoom' technology/web conference. Coaching Calls are non-refundable and dates and times agreed must be maintained to build the discipline, and improve behaviours and positive changes. We request our clients to do the following to allow for efficient and effective coaching calls: 1) Be on time for the scheduled call 2) Download the ZOOM app if you do not already have this ( 3) Get in a quiet space before the call Find out More at the COACHING tab on our website or visit
  • Do You Offer Strategic or Team Retreat Planning Services?
    Yes we do! As part of our Business Consultancy Services, we offer Strategic Planning/Facilitation and Retreat Planning Services. Contact us at Email: althea@blazingbeyond to work through your request OR BOOK a 30mins Clarity meeting at the Calendar Link below: As your Facilitator, we serve as neutral agents who plan, guide and manage your session to ensure that your Company/Dept or Group's objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and clearly defined outcomes. BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION SESSION NOW!
  • Where is Blazing Beyond located?
    BLAZING BEYOND does not operate out of a Public office space but is based in Jamaica and offers Soft skills, Professional Development programs and Business Coaching through Training, Coaching and Consultancy Services - to Leaders, Teams and Business Owners in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. We offer our Trainings both ONLINE and ONSITE. Our Coaching Services are offered ONLINE. For ONSITE Trainings, we administer our training through hosted trainings (the location is announced for each training) or customized trainings where we come into your organization to deliver the training. You can email us at for more information.
  • What is MY GOAL TRACKER?
    Glad you asked! MY GOAL TRACKER is a Planner Workbook designed and authored by Althea Walters, to help each individual to document (do not keep your info/goals in your head) and to focus deliberately on executing their goals whether personal, professional or for business related goals. ​ The Goal Tracker, a Self-help tool, supports individuals with a hand-holding method and guides you to break down each Goal Monthly and Weekly. MY GOAL TRACKER Planner Workbook automatically increases individuals' FOCUS, COMMITMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY to themselves. MY GOAL TRACKER also offers personal one on one coaching services to help individuals get clarity on their goals to support execution as well as coaching on improving Productivity. You can order your MY GOAL TRACKER on our site at
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