Immerse your Leaders, Managers and Supervisors in our 6 weeks Training (2 hours each week), and watch your lealders increase their knowledge, skills and 'know-how', in utilizing their strengths and influence in leading and managing their teams!


Studies show that Leadership across the Globe face these common challenges:

  1.  Lack of Time to Lead and Execute on Deliverables

  2. Inspiring Others

  3. Leading a Team

  4. Managing Performance

  5. Being Accountable

  6. Guiding Change

  7. Managing Stakeholders 

We know your Leaders and Managers do not have the time to spend a full 3 days out of office in a Workshop or Training. Hence we have designed a more manageable Training series for you!


Our 2 hour Weekly Training for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors may just be the right Training for you and your Leaders!

Our Leadership Development 6 weeks Training Programme only utilizes 2hours of your Leaders and Managers time weekly.


New Leaders and New Managers


Seasoned Leaders and Managers

Management Trainees

High Potentials


Your Managers and Leaders Learn and Grow together

¡Examples and Discussions are applied to your leaders inside their working environment

¡Managers and Leaders get to digest each topic weekly at a more manageable pace

¡Managers and Leaders get to immediately apply each Sessions’ learning weekly

Virtual Team Meeting

What's Included in the Training Programme?

leadership foundation skills

Setting the Foundation for Leading and Managing

leading teams

Understanding the Teams we lead and how to work with them


My role as an Accountable Leader

leadership effectiveness

Leadership Time Management Skills

delegation & performance management

Steps to improve Performance Management

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