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Immerse your Leaders and Managers in our Leadership Development Programme, and watch your leaders increase their knowledge, skills and 'know-how', in utilizing their strengths and influence in leading and managing their teams, done at a manageable pace!


Studies show that Leadership across the Globe face these common challenges:

  1.  Lack of Time to Lead and Execute on Deliverables

  2. Inspiring Others

  3. Leading a Team

  4. Managing Performance

  5. Being Accountable

  6. Guiding Change

  7. Managing Stakeholders 

Our Training and Coaching Programme for Leaders and Managers may just be the right mix of key value-packed information and guidance for you and your Leaders!

Our Leadership Development Programme can be customized for you and your team and can be administered weekly or monthly within the agreed period, at a manageable pace.


New Leaders and New Managers


Seasoned Leaders and Managers

Management Trainees

High Potentials


Your Managers and Leaders Learn and Grow together

¡Examples and Discussions are applied to your leaders inside their working environment

¡Managers and Leaders get to digest each topic at a more manageable pace

¡Managers and Leaders get to immediately apply each Sessions’ learning

Virtual Team Meeting

What's Included in the Training Programme?

leadership foundation skills

Setting the Foundation for Leading and Managing

leading teams

Understanding the Teams we lead and how to work with them


My role as an Accountable Leader

leadership effectiveness

Leadership Time Management Skills and Managing Deliverables

delegation & performance management

Steps to improve Performance Management

Our Leadership Programme is now Available!

Bookings by Company; Groups of 5 & over.

Pic of Althea in Acqua and Coffee

Althea Walters

Leadership, Productivity & Business Coach

Althea Walters is a Trainer, Coach, Business Manager, Author and Speaker who holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Development from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She is also a certified Change Process Practitioner (PROSCI), and also certified in Organization Design from the Arthur Lok Jack School of Business.

With a deep passion for helping people to get on track to achieve their life goals, it was no coincidence that Althea created MY GOAL TRACKER, a Goal Planning Workbook and Coaching Service that guides persons to take bold and consistent actions in achieving their personal life goals. Althea volunteers with the Girl Guides Association of Jamaica and holds the role of International & Programmes Commissioner.

Althea continues to make profound impact through her Corporate Trainings and 1:1 Coaching Programmes, as experienced and shared by her clients.


She strongly believes in the statement “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

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