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What Separates Winning Leaders From Wannabe Leaders

Separating the Winners from the Wannabes

Leaders who truly value their employees are rare, but they have the winning edge. Here are four (4) practical ways a leader can value their employees for strategic business outcomes.

1. Develop people

Leaders who are winners show an interest in their people's jobs and career aspirations. They carve out career paths for them and look into the future to create learning and development opportunities. They find out what motivates their best people by getting to know each tribe member's desires that will drive them. This is about emotional engagement; it's about love and care.

2. Develop trust

Winners allow people to feel safe enough to experiment, exercise their creativity and strengths, and offer input. In a community of valued employees, it's safe to disagree and give the boss the benefit of the doubt because fear has been pumped out of the room in exchange for psychological safety, where many voices are heard. And leaders will care enough for their valued employees for this to happen. In turn, those valued workers will feel safe to communicate ideas openly and provide input to major decisions without reprimand because there's trust there.

3. Respect your people

One of the keys to a leader's winning formula is building a strong work culture. It's making a conscious decision to create a workplace (with rigorous measures in place) where people are treated with respect and dignity yet challenged to perform at the highest level. When respect is ingrained into the DNA of company culture, silos are broken, managers begin to listen, and collaboration increases because everyone feels valued.

4. Listen more

Winners are unassuming and know what they think; they want to know what their valued workers think by listening intently. Practically speaking, this forgotten leadership art form allows others the freedom to be part of the conversation. Such leaders will ask curious questions, lots of questions: how something is done, what you like about it, what you learned from it, and what you need in order to be better. Leaders with loyal followers who feel valued realize they know a lot and seek to know even more by listening because they value and care for their people.

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