The Importance of Delegation in Leadership

Delegation in leadership not only helps get things done, but it also empowers employees by giving them greater autonomy. No leader can do all things at all times, and delegation is a key tool for boosting team and organizational performance and efficiency. A Gallup study found that companies led by CEOs who were strong delegators achieved a higher overall growth rate compared to companies whose CEOs delegated less. Great leadership has many components, and delegation is an important factor for maximizing employee contributions and increasing productivity among all members of a team. Here are four reasons why delegation is essential for effective leadership: Frees up Time Achieving the right

9 Strategies to Conquer Leadership Overwhelm

Recognizing the signs of overwhelm is progress in and of itself because it puts you on the path to progress. Developing an awareness of the internal dialogue that contributes to feeling overwhelmed is the first step in reversing the spiral. These 9 strategies can help keep prevent — and even defeat — overwhelm. 1. Build resilience — One of the greatest threats to your leadership capability is your mindset. How do you respond when things don’t go as planned? Managing the thoughts that create your moods dramatically increases your ability to lead with intention. Resilient leaders have greater agility; they can move faster and more strategically. They are energetically equipped with the capacit

Why Mental Clarity is Important

So much of our brain space gets taken up when we’re unsure of who we are and what we want. Mental clarity is the best way to bring certainty to your life. Here are five reasons why mental clarity is so important: 1. Clarity helps you find focus and direction If you’ve ever felt lost or directionless in life, you probably know how hard it can be to make progress on anything. When you have clarity around your goals and priorities, it’s easier to move towards what you want out of life. 2. Clarity makes it easier to get things done When you’re clear on the reasoning behind why you’re doing something, it’s so much easier to get things done. If you’ve ever started a project only to give up halfway

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