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My Top 10 Books for 2024!

Here are my Top 10 Books for 2024!

These are books I have either 1) Already Read 2) Will be Re-Reading 3) Or will be reading for the first time.

Will you be taking this Journey with me? If so, please choose at least 1 that you will be reading!

They say that if you want to keep a Secret, put it in a book :-(

These Books focus on either Personal Development, Leadership, Productivity or Business!

My List of Books to Read in 2024:


1.       "The Art of Possibility" by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander is a book that offers a fresh perspective on leadership, creativity, and personal growth. The book encourages readers to embrace a mindset of possibility and provides strategies for unlocking their potential and achieving their goals.

2.       "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey is a bestselling self-help book that provides a comprehensive framework for personal and professional development.

3.       "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg is a bestselling book that explores the science of habit formation and how habits impact our daily lives. The book is divided into three sections: The Habits of Individuals, The Habits of Successful Organizations, and The Habits of Societies.

4.       "The One Thing" is a best-selling self-help book written by Gary Keller, co-founder of the real estate company Keller Williams. The book was published in 2013 and has become popular among business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to improve their productivity and achieve their goals.

5.       "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel is a book that explores the often-ignored psychological factors that influence our relationship with money. The book provides insights into how our attitudes and behaviours toward money can impact our financial decisions and, ultimately our financial well-being.

6.       "The Thank You Economy" by Gary Vaynerchuk is a business book emphasising the importance of building genuine customer relationships by expressing gratitude and creating a sense of community. The book argues that in today's marketplace, where competition is fierce, the key to success lies in developing strong connections with customers rather than just focusing on the bottom line.

7.       "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz is a book that offers a candid and practical guide to building and managing a startup. Horowitz, a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist, shares his own experiences and provides advice on navigating the challenges of building a successful business.

8.       "The Innovator's Dilemma" is a business book written by Clayton Christensen and published in 1997. It has since become a classic in the field of innovation and strategy. The book explores the concept of disruptive innovation, which refers to the process by which new technologies or products enter a market and disrupt existing markets and businesses.

9.       "Good to Great" by Jim Collins is a highly acclaimed and influential business book that delves into the characteristics of companies that have leaped good to great.

10.  “Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior” by Dr. David R. Hawkins. It addresses the fundamental human dilemma of discerning truth from falsehood and emphasizes the importance of understanding pure consciousness for progress in all human endeavors.





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