4 Steps to Activate Your Goal!

Every person defines success differently. For some success means a lot of money. For some success means fame. For others it’s a college degree. Regardless of one’s definition of success there are certain actions that can be taken to improve the odds of being successful. Pablo Picasso once said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Throughout time it seems that the one major obstacle that has consistently kept us from finding success has been our inability to take action when action is needed. Goals do not achieve themselves. We must take action to manifest success. The following are four tips to help you activate and keep moving towards your goals. 1. Know What You Want to Achiev

5 Tips for Getting More Done and Saving Time!

You’ve got more to do than you could possibly get done with your current work style. You’ve prioritized. You’ve planned. You’ve delegated. You’ve tried to focus. The next frontier is increasing your efficiency so that you can spend less time and still do a good job! Exactly which strategies will work best for you will vary person-by-person and situation-by-situation. But as a time management trainer and coach working with people who need to get more done in less time, I’ve found that employing even one of these five strategies can save you hours each week. Clarify Actual Expectations When you take on a significant task, talk with any key stakeholders about what they expect from you. Perhaps

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