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9 Tips for Staying Productive During COVID-19!

As we all try to wrap our heads, hands and hearts around this new virus that is plaguing us worldwide, we may be struggling to possibly digest the great impact this will have on our personal lives, businesses and undoubtedly our productivity.

There has been increased talks about "WORKING FROM HOME/REMOTELY." While this sounds great, not all persons and businesses are yet fully equipped to execute on this business phenomenon. For those who can easily execute this, Kudos to you! And for Those who are just thinking about this, there will be some new thinking, systems, processes and training (understanding, impact and behaviours to support working remotely),that will be needed to be implemented.

Notwithstanding all the panic, planning and precautionary measures that are upon us, I would like to share with you how to stay PRODUCTIVE during COVID-19!

As the Pace of Work will be automatically Slowed Down during COVID-19 until the virus is passed, there is an opportunity to stay on top of your productivity so that you don't lose your focus and get overwhelmed by all the Panic and information overload.

Here are a few tips to remain Productive during COVID-19 - Whether you are working from Home or you are at Work:

· Make a List of all the things that have been floating around in your head that you had to do whether Urgent or those lagging for a period of time, so that you can now plan your action to take.

· PERSONAL ACTIVITIES: If there is something that you had to do for yourself for a longtime (that does not require you to leave your house or place of work), please schedule some time to do that

  • E.g. Completing Financial Records, Completing School Assignments, Completing a Form, Connecting and Catching up with Family and Friends Online, Sorting items at home etc etc (even if you are at work you may get home a little earlier to get some things done)

· Complete Outstanding Work – You may have outstanding work to catch up on such as:

  • Reports to be completed

  • Action items to be completed/Follow up on Action items

  • Minutes to be completed

  • Meeting with a Colleague or Reportee/Dept that can be done via Phone/Web Conference

  • Respond to Emails that you delayed

· Review Your Emails for the Last 2 Weeks

  • Catch up on Emails for the Last 2 weeks to see if you missed anything or forgot to close out on a response

· Sort Files Electronically or Sort Paper Files if you are at work

  • Remember those Documents/Letters/Reports that you have on your Desk Top or in your Emails?? Please Sort and File them properly so that other persons can locate them when required

  • Clear Your Desk from all the Clutter that is around you

· REVIEW Documents/Policies/Processes

  • Review that document/Policy/Process that you were asked to complete

· Document or Update one of your PROCESSES for an activity or initiative that you manage

  • What Process is unique to your area that needs to be documented so that all persons in your area can understand what to do? Even outside of COVID, this is a good practice to maintain


  • What do you need to plan for that would be coming up in the near future? What plans were put on the back-burner due to COVID-19 but will need to be revived?

  • Look back at Your Calendar and TO DO LIST (Both Personal and Work), that can guide you.

· Do the Work to Start that Business Idea of Yours:

o While it is not that easy as just saying “Start that Business,” you now have a little time to do a little more research and get comfortable in starting your business. It could be as simple as Jotting down 3 business names to choose from, and documenting a description of the service you will be offering/ Go ahead! START THAT Business!

You can connect with Althea Walters at BLAZING BEYOND TRAINING via Email at:

Learn about our Training Programmes available both Onsite, Offsite of Online.

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