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5 Key Steps in Setting Your Goals!

Goal Setting Made Easy!

It is not too late to begin setting your goals. We all have our different breakthroughs and self-realization in making that one step in getting closer and clearer as to what we want to achieve. You are perfectly placed and I am glad you are now ready to make that step in SETTING YOUR GOALS to help you move to your next level!

1. Write Down your Goals

How many times have you had an idea or a goal and within moments you forgot exactly what you were thinking to accomplish? Writing Down your Goals or Plans benefits you in these three (3) simple ways:

It helps us NOT TO FORGET about our Goals

It is our first step of a COMMITMENT to our Goals and ourselves

It helps us to hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE in achieving those Goals

TIP: Get a Personal Notebook that is dedicated to only Your goals and Your Dreams. You should write nothing else in this Notebook unless it is plans related to achieving the Goal. Ensure the Book is one that motivates you to want to use it. For example, My Notebook that I am currently using for my dreams and goals has written on the Front of it: “Follow Your Dreams.” Each time I see this I get even more “Pumped” to get MOVING!

2. Visualize Your Goals

When you have an idea or a Goal can you visualize what it will look like when you accomplish it? Can you see exactly what you want to accomplish? Can you see the first phase of how the Plan will come together to achieve that goal? Visualizing our goals makes it very clear to us or helps us to become clearer about what we want to achieve. Join in on making a vision board for your Goal – whether personal or for your business idea. (You can cut pieces of pictures of your goal and make a very visible chart for you to always look at and be reminded of YOUR GOAL);


Breaking up your Goal into small manageable pieces or sections will make it seem more achievable and not a very BIG TASK that you become fearful of working towards

Try to Break up Your Goal into four (4) Sections; Example, if your BIG Goal is to Be a Real Estate Agent, you could set your steps as follows:

Identify what type of Real Estate you want to sell? Is it only one type or all types of Real Estate? What are you most excited to Sell?

Get Certified in Selling Real Estate (Complete Course, Get a Mentor)

Identify and List Your Ideal Clients? Who do you want to Sell to? In which Area or locations will you be targeting to sell/Rent Real Estate?

Build your Portfolio of Real Estate – to match your clients that you will be targeting; Categorize this listing so you know what you have to offer to your clients


Everything needs a beginning and an end. When will your goal plan start and when will it end?

Nothing happens successfully without a supportive plan with dedicated timelines. Setting Timelines and Deadlines keeps you accountable in achieving your dreams and goals. If you don’t know how to set timelines, which can be difficult for some persons, ask for assistance from a reputable person

Ensure you schedule your timelines and work towards them; This stage may be difficult for most persons – when they are executing – towards meeting that goal. Beyond Consulting can assist you with building this muscle and FOCUS to get it done!


Get Ready for Success! Practise Your Victory Dance and get excited about achieving your goals. This is a huge step and you must look forward to something at the end of achieving your goal.

If you would like to get more information or support with executing on your goals or plans we would be more than happy to assist you @beyond.consultancy. Schedule a Discovery/Coaching Call with us in setting your goals and developing a Plan on how to execute your goals.

(c) Copyright 2018

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