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Don't Let Guilt Slow You Down!

We all feel guilty at times. Why didn't I start that project earlier? Why did I make that comment in the meeting? Why didn't I apply for that job? While pervasive, second guessing yourself like this can waste valuable energy. Here are three ways to stop the guilt cycle.

  • Take care of yourself before assisting others. You can’t help anyone (whether it’s your boss, friend, or family member) if you’re a nervous wreck. Make time for your priorities. If you’ve chosen a path, don’t second guess yourself or be pulled off course by others’ needs.

  • Pay attention to how you’re affecting those around you. Your insistence on being perfect may be spilling over into your relationships. For example, if you’re constantly pressuring yourself to perform, your team may feel guilty for not meeting your same standards.

  • Unplug from your responsibilities every once in a while. It’s not always a bad thing to chill out and do nothing. In fact, self-care is a crucial step toward achieving your goals. Don’t let your workplace or cultural norms drive you to feel guilty about not using every minute of every day to do something productive.

This tip is adapted from Do You Feel Guilty All The Time?,” by Marijn Wiersma et al.



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