BLAZING BEYOND Training (Also the Home of MY GOAL TRACKER) provides Soft Skills Training, Productivity Tools, Coaching and Business Consultancy Services.


We specialize in Training and Coaching Programmes that increases Productivity, Performance, Leadership, Goal Success and Business Results. We are also the leading Training Provider for Administrative Professionals Training in Jamaica.


Our Programmes are administered through both Onsite and Online Training, Workshops and Coaching Calls for companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Our Business Consultancy Services covers areas such as: HR and People Strategies, Strategic Facilitation, Change Management, Business Organization and Efficiency, Improving Productivity and Performance.


Our Guiding Statement is:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

You will be able to locate training opportunities, resources, ebooks, workbooks to assist with your personal productivity and professional advancement. Schedule a one on one coaching session, or attend a training/workshop as you take steps at quickening your own pace in becoming your BEST. No, you are not going bananas! Let's take you to the next level as you be the best YOU that  you were meant to be.

Welcome home to YOUR new Beginning!